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The Leboeuf firm

Visual Merchandising for watches and luxury jewelry
Showcases, displays, arrangements, corners, busts …



the Leboeuf Company

A family business located in the heart of Franche-Comté, birthplace of micro-technology, Leboeuf has employed 30 skilled workers in various activities since 1961, the date of its creation.

Our job is to design and produce small or large quantities of any object intended for the art world, up to very high end merchandising (displays) and, more broadly, the world of luxury.

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of the company


We produce prototypes based on strict predefined specifications (3D digital files, scale plans). But we are also able to support our clients from the beginning of the project. So we can work on the basis of a simple sketch and are able to propose variants.


Thermoforming, molding, CNC machining, cladding and sewing, carving, polishing, industrial paint, resin injection molding, laser cuttinglaser engraving – we utilise many manufacturing techniques, allowing us to answer virtually all customer requests. We also work with a variety of materials such as resin, wood, leather and even carbon.

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Business sectors

and products

Watches, jewelry, art & design, luxury goods

Our requirements in terms of quality, our geographical location and the properties of the materials we work with naturally brought our company to dedicate a significant part of its business to watchmaking, jewelry and more widely luxury goods. Markets for art and decoration also occupy a significant part of our business.

Displays, art and decorative objects

For the watchmaking, jewelry and luxury sectors, we design and manufacture all displays and arrangements that can be used to highlight our customers’ products, from the smaller steles up to larger stand items for trade shows (particularly Baselworld).

Our other products range from duplicating art (commissioned by the artist) to the creation of more technical pieces for the industry.

Clients and privacy

Among our customers are great names in watchmaking and luxury jewelry whose wish for privacy is respected by our commitment not to mention their names, nor to distribute any visual representation of the products made for their accounts through any medium of communication, including our website.

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